Just Make A Start

So I’ve used this domain before for a blog a while ago, deleted it, started it again. I may have even had some useful content at some point but yet again ended up deleting it for some reason. I then started to fixate on setting up the server in the best way possible way, break it, wipe it and start again. This took me from saying “I will start my own blog soon” to three months later wondering why I hadn’t started anything yet.

So I finally got around to a clean VPS install, setup what I needed and installed wordpress, I gave myself today to find a theme I liked, tweak a few things before forcing myself to make a post.

The main aim of all of this was simply to make a start. Just take that first step, post something, yer the content won’t be great and may suck for a while but content will be getting posted and hopefully over time I will produce something of use to somone, even if that someone is just myself.

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